Scholarship Committee

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committe is responsible for raising money each year, through fund raising activities and donations from individuals as well as companies. The money is distributed to the deserving and financially challenged university women students we have chosen.

In addition to the monthly stipends, which increase monetarily each year, good condition second–hand clothing, help with book costs and, for our medical students, stethoscopes and blood pressure equipment are also procured.

The student's applications are first screened by the Rector of the university where they are attending. They must be truly needy and their grades must be in good standing. Then these applications are sent to our Scholarship Committee Chairpersons and the Committee reviews each application and votes on which girls to choose, depending on availability.

Due to budgetary restraints, we normally are restricted to offering scholarships to no more than 60 students each year. We also have some students that are being given monthly stipends by private individuals and or companies.

If you would like to learn more about the scholarships or to donate, please contact us for further information. TAIWCCS Scholarships